Products We Offer

Weight Indicators

Weight Indicators can be as simple as just displaying the weight of an item that is on the scale.  Many weight indicator can also transmit the weight of the item to a PC to be used in your specific software.

Weight Controllers

Weight Controllers can be programmed for truck in/out processes, batching processes, inventory control, street light operation, custom label printing and a number of other uses.

Bench Scales

Bench scales usually range from 1 to 500 lb capacity and can have the optional roller top as shown here.

Floor Scales

Choosing the right floor scale the first time can save you a lot of money down the road.

Medical & Health Scales

We offer medical scales for the office and health scales for your home.

Veterinarian Scales

We offer Veterinarian scales for the office and your home.

Retail Scales

Chances are you will be using it all day long, so choose one that will last.

Vehicle Scales

Don't Be Fooled!  There is no single vehicle scale model that works for all applications.  Let us help you do the research and figure which one works best for your particular situation.

Customized Weighing Systems

We can do build anything from parts counting, inventory control, filling/mixing systems to vehicle weigh in/out tracking.

Laboratory Balances

We can provide a large array of available parts for your equipment.

Parts and Manuals

We can provide a large array of available parts for your equipment.